My Favorite Day of the Year!!!

So I don’t consider myself a lush by any means, but I do realize that I kind of, sort of have a problem.

I think about alcohol…a lot.

At least once a day.

A lot of it is inspiration (I think!) – “hey, wouldn’t that make a cool drink?” or “what would that taste like in a cupcake?”

But I think about liquor nonetheless.

Which brings me to this blog post about my favorite day of the year – NATIONAL VODKA DAY!!!

I will drink almost anything…almost being the key word.  Beer.  *gag*  {Now I really sound like a lush, but that’s a story for another time…}  I always come back to vodka though.  I don’t know what it is, but it’s aces.  I think because it’s the most versatile liquor I’ve seen.

So I want to share my favorite cocktail everrrrrrrrrrrr.  It’s a little dirty, but tastes SO good!  It’s called “Redhead in Bed.”  {Or as my Harry Potter-obsessed self calls it – “Ron, George, & Fred.”  What can I say?  I’m a stingy only child…I will take as many redheads as I can get, please&thankyou. ;]}

200905-r-redhead-bedPhoto Credit: Food & Wine
Redhead in Bed
{aka Ron, George, & Fred}

I also love me some lemonade and vodka.  Or a kamikaze.  Or a vodka cranberry.  Ahhh.  So.  Many.  Choices.  And since I couldn’t leave you hanging with just one drink, I gathered a few others that I though were cool.


Photo Credit: Cosmpolitan
Cherry Punch


Photo Credit: Martha Stewart
Blackberry Crush


Photo Credit: Two Tarts
Vanilla, Pear, & Vodka


Photo Credit: 42 Below Vodka
Dusk in Eden

Because I’m awesome like that, here’s a cupcake recipe for ya too.  Heck yes, it has vodka in it!


Photo Credit: Ingested Read
Cranberry, Lime, & Vodka cupcakes

If you plan on tweeting to the world all of your vodka goodness, remember to hashtag that ish – #NationalVodkaDay!

Don’t mind me & my lush self – have a killer Friday,
Melissa for KML Events

p.s. If you need some sustenance for all that vodka – it’s also National Taco Day. ;]

Join the fun!