Inspiration Monday: Wedding Trends 2014

Hello 2014!

It’s been an interesting transition into the new year to say the least.  While we got to work on a beautiful wedding in Santa Barbara, the day we were coming back my step-father fractured his leg/ankle and then shortly after that my grandmother fractured her elbow.  So it’s been loads of fun for people, obviously.

But I digress, all of our wedding prep has definitely put me behind in the Inspiration Monday department.  I am here with a new one though.  It’s about the always fave: WEDDING TRENDS!!


Overall we’re looking at grander, sparkli-er (I’m making up my own words here, people.  Follow along…), and romantic-ier (see?!) weddings than before.  Vintage is sticking around, as is the whole Roaring Twenties/Great Gatsby thing.  Add some peonies, candles, a little Instagram and that’s kind of where we’re headed.  It’s a lot, I know, but don’t make me reference the 90’s or we’d be in loads of trouble.

This IM post will be super generalized.  The IM’s to follow will be more in-depth, each with it’s own inspiration board so you can see how I view every trend (if you’re into that sort of a thing. ;]).

Let’s get started…

1. Colors: Blush, Radiant Orchid (Pantone’s Color for 2014, y’all!), Gold, Royal/Navy Blue, Gray, Mint

2. Themes: Roaring Twenties/Great Gatsby, Woodland/Garden, 90’s

3. Design/Decor: Patterns, Vintage, Glam, Opulent, Candles, Pops of Color, Sparkle, Romance


4. Flowers: Peonies, Garlands

5. Food/Drink: Spicy, Family-Style, Snacks, Seasonal Drinks

6. Invitations: Small, Illustrations, Lace


7. Cake: Sparkly, Seasonal Flavors, Ombré

8. Music: Themed, Ethnic

9. Dresses: Beaded, Jeweled, Dramatic Backs

10. Etc: Photo Booths, All-Night Ragers (j/k…we’re looking at after parties), To #Hashtag or To Not Hashtag (i.e. Instagram), Edible Favors, Marquees


Photo Credits: Radiant Orchid Cake / Great Gatsby Make-up / Candles / Peonies / Family-Style Dinner / Illustrated Invites / Sparkly Cake / Mariachis / Dramatic Back Wedding Dress / Marquees

What’s your favorite trend for 2014?!

– Melissa for KML Events

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