Inspiration Monday: The Rustic Wedding Showcase Recap & KML Update

As promised – here is our Rustic Wedding Showcase Recap (& an added KML update).


First off, I want to thank all the brides and grooms (and families and entourages) that we met yesterday!  It was great seeing so many people excited about their weddings & events.  Heather from SF Productions did such a great job with the Showcase!  The chairs from Sweet Vintage Seats and the flowers from Ferguson’s were gorgeous!  And did anyone else have a yummy cupcakes from Just a Little Dessert Co.?


The day started out kind of shaky, I’m not going to lie.  The day before we found out my mom had a bubble in her tire and that it would have to be replaced asap (no one wants a blown tire – especially not when you’re carrying loads of flowers, cupcakes, and event stuff).  So while she went and did that, I frosted cupcakes and drizzled apple hand pies.  When my mom came home, the car got packed and we were off!

Like our last bridal show, the winds came out to play.  It’s one thing when you’re in an enclosed venue, but it’s a totally different thing when you’re outdoors.  I chose not to wear lip gloss for that very reason.  Hair in your face is only cool when you’re riding down PCH with the top down and the radio blasting.  ;]


Unloading and setting up seemed easier this time around (our setup was similar to our last bridal show minus some decor and our tent).  But I still complained.  I despise hot weather.  It makes me cranky.  And gives me a headache.  Which I was graced with right before we started setting up.  It didn’t go away until we cleaned up.  Boo.  But I digress – that’s not what you’re here for.


When I found out about the RWS, I wanted to participate immediately.  I had just gotten through my mom’s “surprise” birthday party (surprise as in she knew all about it!) and there were things I hadn’t done there that I wanted to incorporate somewhere else (if I could).  RWS came at the perfect time – I was able to make my glittered letters and bring out our gold chandelier cupcake display (for only the second time!).  We changed our chair signs from the last bridal show.  I was able to add more purple to just about everything (it is my favorite color after all).  Then came the new projects like our “Redneck” Wine glasses and ring bearer boxes.  I also managed to change up our giveaway cards – who doesn’t love Mad Libs?!  In honor of full disclosure, I also had a “Wedlibs” card made for the sweetheart table, but somehow in the mad dash out the door, they got left on a table.  Sad face.  If anyone would like to see it, I’ll post a picture.  Oh, and I also had glittered feathers, but the garland never made it up.  There were a few in the sweetheart flower box though.


As we put away our final supplies, Ray from Ultimate Music Entertainment announced that we had 10 or so minutes before they let you guys in.  I swear it felt like I blinked and there y’all were!  I’m sorry if we seemed scattered when you guys walked up to our booth.

Introducing everyone to our cupcakes and strawberry lemonade (which to some was apparently the highlight of the whole Showcase :]) was so much fun!  I’m glad you guys liked eating them as much as we liked making them.  I’m also glad you were receptive of our “Redneck” Wine glasses – I feel awkward saying redneck as I’m sure you could tell when I spoke about them.  I’m trying to be PC here, but that’s what the internet calls them!  Also, I’m a tad bit biased about our chair signs, but I think they’re pretty cool.  They really are a labor of love for me.  Almost as much as our cupcakes.


Today I read through your responses to our giveaway cards.  To be in the presence of such “handsome,” “stupendous,” and “wonderful” grooms is a tad overwhelming now that I think about it.  Somehow there was also a pair of “grumpiest” and “weirdest” grooms floating around.  I think you ladies outdid yourselves in the Groom department.  Well done.  Needless to say, your responses were all kinds of hilariousness.  You didn’t let me down – that’s exactly what I was hoping for.  :]


Thank you for participating.  Congratulations to all of our winners – Evelyn {ring bearer box}, Christa {ring bearer box}, Jamie {Redneck Wine glasses}, Lori {Redneck Wine glasses}, Cori {$25 KML Events gift certificate}, & Vanessa {$50 KML Events gift certificate}!  I hope that you enjoy (and use) your prizes!

Cleaning up was even easier and faster than the last time.  I had a crew that ended up coming by to save the day.  They are all kinds of awesomesauce (which is much better than apple sauce, I can assure you).


We always learn something new when we do these events (like how many cupcakes & strawberry lemonade to bring – MORE!) and this time around I think it was evident that another team member was needed.  Someone to refill cupcakes, take more pictures, and talk to brides.  Oh ,we also needed to supply more pens!  I didn’t realize how many of you were waiting around just to fill out our giveaway card!

All in all, we had a great time and I hope you did too!  Thank you for stopping by our booth and hanging out!  If you took pictures – I wanna see them!

I’ll be doing another {Online} Consultation Sunday soon, if you want to participate.  You can ask me questions about KML or design stuff or what my favorite cupcake flavor is.  Whatever floats your boat.

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KML Update:  In the next few days you might notice a few changes to our site.  We’ll be adding some items to our online store (chair signs, “Redneck” wine glasses, etc.).  We will also be adding a new gallery page (as we don’t currently have one right now).  Lastly (and this is our biggest change), for the time being we will not be providing catering services.  I can’t say for sure when it will come back, but for now the service is going away.  It doesn’t fit in with our current business plan, so we had to change things up.  This, however, does not mean that we don’t do dessert catering anymore.  That service we still provide (along with our event planning, design, florals, etc).  The only thing that is going away is our regular catering service (apps, salads, entrees, that sort of thing).  When it comes back, you’ll be the first to know!

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In the meantime, e-mail/text/call me with your questions & comments.  Post your pictures.  Like us on Facebook.  Tweet/Follow us on Twitter.  Follow us on Pinterest.  If you don’t, who knows, you might miss a giveaway or something. ;]

Stay tuned for our Rustic Wedding Showcase gallery!

Here it is:


Thanks again!

– Melissa for KML Events

p.s.  Guess what I just realized as I was writing this?!  I can check #5 off my Birthday Bucket List!  Yay!  Oh, and I guess if I included our Bourbon Fleur de Sel cupcakes to #12 then I’m one step closer to checking that off too!  For reference:  {5.] Attend another bridal show (as a vendor)! ;]} & {12.] Add five new flavors to That Sweet Shoppe}

p.p.s.  To those of you who participated in our giveaway and gave us contact info, check your inboxs! ;]

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