Inspiration Monday: Lupus Awareness

Again, sorry for not posting this yesterday, but I hadn’t finished the post.  It’s done now, so here you go…


First off, I know some of you know about this already, but for those of you that don’t – we’re participating in “Walk To End Lupus Now 2013” in San Diego this weekend.  My step-sister, Isabel, has Lupus and was diagnosed almost two years ago.  You can read about her story here, on our team page.  She and I had secretly planned on doing the walk months ago and then convinced our parents to join.  We had all these wonderful plans (like doing a bake sale at an Art Walk and such), but then Life decided to be a butt for a month and our time dwindled.  Since telling people about the walk (which was about the beginning of May), we’ve raised about $500, which is pretty freaking awesome if you ask me.  So here I am, telling you, our glorious KML-ers, in hopes that maybe you will be inspired to donate a dollar or two.

If you’d like to join our Team, we’d love to have you.  Those of you who will be with us might get a sweet surprise at the end of the trail. ;]

Here are the deets for the Walk and in case you’d like to donate.

The San Diego Walk to End Lupus Now™ will take place on Sunday, May 19, 2013 at Mission Bay Park DeAnza Cove.

There will be a 5K Timed Run at 8am for registered runners. Walker Check In and Registration will begin at 9am with the Walk starting at 10am.

Day of Event Schedule:

7:00 am Runners Check In Opens
8:00 am 5K timed run begins
9:00 am Walkers Check-In Opens

9:45 am Opening Remarks, and Warm-Up

10:00 am Walk begins

11:45 am Closing Program

To donate or register to walk


Hope your Monday was extra inspired!

– Melissa for KML Events

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p.p.s. That Twitter Save The Date I talked about last week?  I’ll be posting the info this week!  Keep your eyes open for it. :]

Join the fun!