So it’s officially July 1st…which makes KML two years old today!!


Two years in the spectrum of things does not seem like a long time, I know.  However, considering the fact that I honestly believe we were in over our heads when we started this whole process, I’m kind of surprised we made it this long.  ;)

It’s not that I didn’t think we could do this; it’s that the learning curve was much more than I had initially anticipated and playing catch up sometimes leaves you exhausted.  But we’re here.  And in two pieces.  Two whole pieces, I should say.  The mother.  And me.

There’s no one else I would want to take this journey with (even when I want to beat her with my spatula sometimes)…so thanks, Mom. :D

It really has been amazing though – from all the random boutiques and the Ontario Artwalk last year to Penelope Lane and the I.E. Cupcake Fair this year.  We have had so much fun!

I also wanted to take this time to thank everyone who’s ever ordered from us, taste-tested one of our cupcakes, or let us be a part of their special day.  Y’all are amazeballs.  Thank you for your love, support, kind words, and sarcasm.  It is truly appreciated.

Now let me get to the part where you get free stuff.  Because that’s really why you’re here.  Since our 2nd anniversary is the first of the month, we decided to celebrate all month long.  Why not, right?

This is how it’s going to go – every Friday in July, we’re giving away a free dozen cupcakes to one lucky fan!  :]


All you have to do is Follow, Like, Share/Repost, and Tag!*

We also have two promos for the month of July:

– all orders are 10% off*

– if you book a dessert/candy bar, you will receive an additional mini dessert/candy choice to add to your package at no additional charge*

Lastly, for those of you that have been visiting us at the Upland Thursday Night Market and Ontario Artwalk, we will have Cupcake Happy Hour* with special cupcake prices/promos for your enjoyment.

Thank you again, peeps!

  We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next 2 years!  ;]

– Melissa for KML Events

p.s. Additional Details/Rules for Giveaway/Promos/Cupcake Happy Hour

– Cupcake Giveaway Rules –

– applies to Instagram & Facebook followers only
– to enter: FOLLOW KML Events on Instagram (or like KML Events on FB); LIKE our cupcake giveaway post on Instagram/FB; REPOST/SHARE our cupcake giveaway post (with the tags) with your friends; TAG us with @KMLEvents and hashtag #kmlevents
– one winner will be announced every Friday in the month of July (you’ll have five chances to win!);  can enter twice every week when cupcake giveaway post is made, but you may only win once during the entire giveaway!
– winner will receive one dozen cupcakes of any flavor off our current summer menu; cupcakes must be redeemed by august 31st
–  cupcakes will be delivered up to 20 miles round-trip from Ontario with no charge, unless picked up or additional mileage is paid for by winner; cupcakes can be picked up at Upland Night Market/Ontario Artwalk with 48 hours notice by winner
– profiles must be public, if not, e-mail screenshots to kmlevents@kmlevents.com; winner chosen at random; open to southern california residents only

– July Promos –

– 10% off orders include: cupcakes, mini desserts, dessert bars, and candy bars; coordination and event planning excluded
– additional mini dessert/candy choice must be chosen from our approved list
– orders/packages must be placed by july 31st to receive promo

– Cupcake Happy Hour –

– happy hour runs from 7:30 – 8:30 pm (at both Upland Night Market and Ontario Artwalk)
– cupcake prices and promos will vary every week (examples: $1 minis, buy two get one free cupcakes, etc).
– visit our Instagram and Facebook pages for current cupcake menus and happy hour details

Join the fun!