At KML Events, our dessert line is called That Sweet Shoppe.  It currently houses our cupcakes, mini desserts, and dessert tables.

For more information on placing an order, please see our ordering page.  Individual cupcakes and mini desserts may only be purchased at an event where we are a vendor.  Please see our event calendar for more info.


Our cupcakes and mini desserts are specially made with the freshest and finest ingredients.  We use Valrhona & Callebaut chocolate & cocoa powder, Nielsen Massey vanilla extracts, and fresh fruits/vegetables.  All of our cupcakes and mini desserts are baked small-batch to order to ensure the best yummy sweetness.  Please inquire for custom orders.


Mini cupcakes: $18 per dozen / $21 per dozen (gluten-free/vegan)
Regular cupcakes: $36 per dozen / $42 per dozen (gluten-free/vegan)
Cookies: start at $12 per dozen / $15 per dozen (gluten-free/vegan)
Mini Cookies: start at $7.50 per dozen / $10.50 per dozen (gluten-free/vegan)
Rice Krispie Treats: start at $24 per dozen
Pie Pops: $33 per dozen
Sugar Cookies: start at $24 per dozen
Mini Sugar Cookies: start at $12 per dozen
Fleur de Sel Caramels: start at $6 per 1/4 lb.
Candy Kabobs: start at $15 per 6-pack
Cupcake Smash Cakes: start at $25


6-pack – candy kabobs
1 dozen – regular-sized cupcakes, cookies, rice krispie treats, pie pops, sugar cookies
2 dozen – mini-sized cupcakes,  mini cookies, mini sugar cookies
1/2 lb. – fleur de sel caramels
1 – smash cake

*Pricing in shop is reflected for minimum orders (by 1 dozen, 2 dozen, 6-pack, etc).*

**For flavors, please see our menu!**

***Seasonal & off the menu sweets are available (and most likely can be found when we’re a vendor at an event), so please inquire to see what we’re baking up now!***

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Please email us for more information on our dessert tables.