About Us


We are Debbie and Melissa, the mother-daughter team behind KML Events!  Although, we’ve been confused for sisters on numerous occasions – much to the delight of my mom.

We’ve been entertaining for almost as long as I’ve been alive.  It wasn’t until I planned my very first party that I understood what my mom loved about it – the buzz of excitement in the room, the mmm’s and ahh’s from her food, and the smiles and joy on people’s faces at the end of it all.  It quickly became a full-blown obsession.  All from one little compliment.

My mom and I joined forces, creating KML Events with love, lots of laughs, and the occasional sarcastic remark.  Oh, and the little details – we LOVE the little details!  We enjoy every second we spend planning and are here to serve you and your next (fabulous!) event.

Debbie loves the color purple, disco music, reisling, playing poker, trying out new recipes, reality tv, and Andy Garcia movies.

I also love the color purple (quelle surprise!).  I love reading the same books over and over again, writing really bad fiction, pretty cupcakes/liners, stanning* it up at concerts, vodka, Apolo Ohno, the Dodgers and the 49ers, and watching blinking numbers at three in the morning.

stanning* – spell check tells me this is not a real word, but the English language and I are bfffs, so I think I’m in the clear.


KML Events is an event planning, design, and dessert catering company located in Ontario, California.  It was founded in August of 2010 and became legal almost two years later.  It currently does not have a storefront.


That Sweet Shoppe is KML Events’ dessert/bakery line.  My best friend, Christie, and I had talked about opening a store front for awhile and during a semi-recent baking session, the idea came up again.  However, the timing was off – we’re both in school (med for her, english for me).  To keep the spark alive, we decided to add it to my current venture.  We hope you enjoy all the sweet goodness!