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May and June company quality month end!

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Two months of quality month activity has ended, this is my door all NewGrand employees up to the management staff, down to the ordinary employees, 5.01 days to 6.30 days was a great event of the company during the work. In carrying out the publicity & other; Continuous improvement, manufacture top product; Sincere service, to ensure customer satisfaction & throughout; But also greatly improve the overall safety consciousness, starts from me, starts from the minor matter strictly the quality pass, to promote and guarantee the quality of our products and service quality to a new step, and a major move to a higher goal./span>

Review the activities carried out for two months, all the NewGrand employees in strict accordance with the company and department instruction and require careful organization, reasonable arrangement, actively participate in, the comprehensive implementation, gradual, and constantly improve, the successful completion of the activity of the specific content and requirements, has achieved gratifying results, achieve the goal of the ideal. Through careful analysis of the crux of the problem, and put forward reasonable Suggestions, take out the rectification scheme, take strong measures to reverse the past some of the bad habits.

  Summary for two months and the quality of the training we have done the following work:

 1、Quality month activity during NewGrand actively carry out the post big training activities, organized among colleagues & other; Collective model & throughout; And & other Personal pacesetter & throughout; Work quality appraisal activities, make the worker's energy, carry out & try to overtake each other; Be a pacesetter & throughout; The gratifying situation, the emergence of the excellent station expert, quality and safety management model, they are all our NewGrand staff learning model, is our role model, is our goal. Surface by pacesetter for the vanguard to point, let the advanced more advanced, let last in advanced。

 2, the use of 45 minutes before the organization to carry out the work & other; Quality is the lifeline of enterprise survival and development & throughout; In the training. Combined with quality month post big training activities, make broad worker combined with their own work, stores for the understanding of the quality is the lifeline of enterprise survival and development, they all recognize that quality is life, no quality, enterprises will lose market to mention big development. Only product quality good, can we win the trust of customers, to strive for more production tasks, enterprises can obtain the survival and development

 3、通过粘贴质量宣传标语和板报的形式,大大加强了广大职工对质量的深切认识。并且做好安全与质量教育管理,严格落实生产安全职责 ,坚决杜绝“三违现象”发生,使NewGrand工作人员做到人人爱护和正确使用机器设备、工具,以及在岗工作期间保持个人劳保用品穿戴整齐,做到“三不伤害”。




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