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Xinda technology introduction

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  The company headquarters is located in the beautiful Oriental pearl - Hong Kong. Has two wholly owned company established in mainland China, respectively: double hundred million xinda (shenzhen & bull; longgang), hui hai xinda (& bull; shandong jining), and has set up offices in Beijing, shenzhen, Shanghai.
  Xinda technology not only has advanced automated production equipment and testing equipment, has strong technical force. Both at home and abroad to hire a group of experienced management personnel, strengthen enterprise management, setting up management system in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environment system management system management system and the TS 16949. This company produces the FFC, spacing from 0.3 mm to 0.3 mm, working voltage 30 v to 300 v, working temperature is 105 ℃, the products comply with RoHS directive. We in the production of ordinary FFC not only, still can make car airbags dedicated lines, and processing terminal connector to the customers.
  The company's products in strict accordance with the American UL standard production.
  Trained on the quality of the product of the engineering and technical personnel strict control and tracking.

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