2013 Wedding Trends

I know…I know – two posts in one week!  A miracle, if you ask me.

But finally…it’s here!

Back when we were prepping for our bridal show I scoured the internet for ideas that matched the vision in my head.  I was (and still kind of am) obsessed with the colors purple, grey, and lime/apple green.  So much so that I actually used it at an event mixer back in November.  I don’t know how that came to be, but the colors just wouldn’t go away.  So I ran with it.

Once the colors were settled, I decided to look into wedding trends.  I’m not a follower of trends in general (I practically live in Converse and hoodies – ask anyone), but for this event I was willing to make an exception.  It was then that I ran into a snag.

Mint was the wedding color for the up-and-coming season!

So I took a step back and rethought our original design plan.  I made the decision to scrap the lime/apple green and add mint.  I think it worked out well, but I might be a tiny bit biased. ;]

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out the wedding trends for 2013, here they are:

#1 – Mint     Mint

We used mint in multiple places, but I think it was most evident in the tablecloth of our food table.

#2 – Birds


We used our birdcage for our giveaway, but it can be used as a “wish tree” or a cute vessel for cards.

#3 – Paper LanternsFloating Paper Lanterns

I absolutely adore this.  The colors, where they’re hung, how they’re hung…so much win!

 Source: Bridal Guide/Tanja Lippert Photography



Super cool for an outdoor soiree!  When night falls, it’s probably gorgeous.

Source: StyleMePretty

#4 – Braided Hair


I’m not a braid kind of girl, but this looks super cute.  Perfect for those hot weather weddings/events where you want to be comfortable yet stylish.

Source: OnceWed

#5 – Laser Cutlasercut cupcake

So intricately beautiful!

 Source: Pink Frosting AU

Elizabeth Fillmore Lace

It’s not actually lace, but it looks like it!  Love it!

Source: Wedding Bells/Elizabeth Fillmore

#6 – Chicken WireChicken Wire

Chicken wire to hold your escort cards?! Who woulda thunk?

 Source: In Honor Of Design

#7 – 1920’s


We used feathers in our floral centerpiece for a splash of the Gatsby-era…

1920's #2

We also used champagne coupes instead of flutes to bring a little 1920’s to our sweetheart table.

#8 – Backdropsribbon backdrop

Perfect mix of shades of pink in this ribbon backdrop.  Love it!

Source: Make Merry Events

#9 – Garland


We did a small ribbon garland to pair with our open frame backdrop.

#10 – Barkbirch bark

Bark centerpieces?!  So pretty!

 Source: The Wedding Of My Dreams UK

Of the 2013 Wedding Trends, which one is your favorite?

– Melissa for KML Events

*If we used the trend in our booth, I’ve included a picture.  If not, I’ve used another with a source.

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